30 Reasons You Don’t Feel Like Working Out … By Team360’s Allyncia Williams

30 Reasons You Don’t Feel Like Working Out And What You Can Do To Get Back On Track

Pick Your’s:

  1. I don’t feel like it today
  2. It’s not gonna make a difference
  3. It’s Friday, It’s Sunday, It’s my birthday, it’s a holiday!
  4. The weather is horrible!
  5. I just don’t have time
  6. I don’t enjoy it
  7. I have no idea what to do when I get to the gym
  8. I don’t know anyone at the gym and I hate doing things alone
  9. I’m gonna wait until I lose some weight
  10. I am gonna wait until I can afford something that will motivate me
  11. I don’t like my gym
  12. My gym is far
  13. My clothes are old
  14. My music is the same
  15. My gym teacher will hate me if I go elsewhere
  16. I’m sick, injured, or awesomely pregnant
  17. I used to run, lift or do yoga and I was so amazing but not now and I just disappoint myself
  18. My workout buddy is stronger, faster or less advanced so I don’t enjoy it
  19. I don’t want to see anyone today
  20. I need to take care of other people right now
  21. I have a work deadline
  22. The people I spend time with always want to do something less healthy
  23. I hate lifting, I hate running, I hate classes, I hate indoors, I hate outdoors…
  24. I’m waiting for a good reason and my only one is quite far off (from even happening)
  25. I don’t want to lose weight or get bulky
  26. It will require so much energy, time and it won’t make a difference
  27. I’d rather buy a pill, starve or get a procedure done
  28. I just can’t get myself started
  29. (Your excuse here)
  30. (Your excuse here)

Please add to this list and highlight the ones that are yours. All of these excuses are valid and yet all of them can be added to this sentence:

(My excuse) so I will (healthy effort) until I can increase my personal challenge.

For example, “I used to be this skinny, that fast, and used to lift this much” so … “Now, I have a new body and new goals, so I will work up to losing this much, run/walk this often, and start with just doing one three moves set from The Tiger Trainer videos once a day” until I am ready to add a new challenge.

Do you see that? Go through your excuses one by one. Now, you are getting a solution.

Jack London once said –  “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

If you have some excuses, then you have everything you need to sit down and decide what obstacle you will need to get in writing and work on overcoming.

If you are injured, find out about other methods safe exercising your body. Maybe you’ll just be going for walks – that is just as bad arse as cross fit for your body at the moment. Just walk!

If you are just not seeing the same results, change your routine, your class, your clothes, music and attitude! No one ever became better at anything they were constantly reminding themselves they were horrible at doing! In high school, I began to say, I LOVE PHYSICS and my obsessed efforts to study and seek tutors earned me a B that could have easily been a D. If you keep saying you hate running, running will continue to be a pain. Run in short sprints or just walk at a fast pace. Adjust for you!

Get used to committing to you and not hinging your plan on whether the teacher will get mad, your friends will disown you or being new to a class or a gym. This change is the very thing that will round you out and make you stronger!
Finally, if anything challenges you, it means you are breaking through to a new level of discipline so you will face challenge. Fortunately, those who are more accomplished faced these similar challenges too so seek out a mentor, a trainer and read up on others who endured to get to where they are. Whether it is money, health or relationships there is a work around.  You don’t have to change circumstances, you want to learn to change yourself to manage in any circumstances.  Seek out tips to workout at home where to get new kicks and even nutritional and sleep advice to get yourself back on track with building the body you have.
Check out my social media sites (www.thetigertrainer.com) for workouts, recipes and motivation! Look for my upcoming recipe post on how I use Body Crunch to make my own and much tastier Quest-style protein bars!

To Contact Allyncia Williams: Allyncia Williams, The Tiger Trainer, is a Los Angeles based Personal Trainer and Body Competitor. Her life mission is to encourage others to see what’s possible in rediscovering good lifestyle habits for a fit, healthy and creative life.

Website: http://thetigertrainer.com/

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“Oh, the tiger will love you. There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

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