Best Whey Protein Shakes Recipes #8 – BodyCrunch Banana Nut Smoothie

There are so many different combinations to consider when making a delicious smoothie, but not all recipes are created equal.  And we realize that at Body360! Here is our slant on a delicious tasting protein packed smoothie which incorporates healthy fats from all natural peanut butter and crunch and texture from our best whey protein  – BodyCrunch Whey Protein Crunchies. You’re going to have to try this one!


1 c. unsweetened pineapple juice, chilled

1 medium banana, sliced and frozen

½ c. BodyCrunch Whey Protein Crunchies – natural or chocolate flavor

½ c. non-fat frozen yogurt

2 T. natural peanut butter

3-4 ice cubes


Combine pineapple juice, banana, yogurt, peanut butter, ice cubes and BodyCrunch Whey Protein Crunchies a in blender, blend until smooth and creamy and simply enjoy!

BodyCrunch Whey Protein Crunchies | Best Whey Protein | Protein Supplements

BodyCrunch Whey Protein Crunchies | Cocoa Flavor | Unsweetened | Best Whey Protein | Protein Supplements


Author: body360

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