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In the wake of the herbal supplement disaster that GNC, Target, Walgreens and Wal-Mart is facing, I felt that it is important to address the issue of selling so-called “adulterated” products head on.  I cannot speak for these companies or this particular situation directly, but, I do know that the FDA has issued warnings to these companies for selling supplements that do not contain what the label says that they do. Whether or not this is true, I do not know and I am certainly not one to meddle in others business, particularly,  when I do not know the situation first hand.  However,  according to the New York State attorney general’s office the proof is in the pudding, claiming that these companies are guilty of misrepresenting what is in their herbal supplements and remedies and that they did not pass DNA barcoding, also known as, ingredient fingerprinting.

Over the years I have heard many people make comments regarding the supplement industry saying things such as, ” it’s not regulated” or ” that stuff is probably made in their kitchen” and the comment list goes on and on.  It’s true, not always will companies conduct themselves with the honesty and integrity and unfortunately,  there are always going to be a few “bad seeds” in every business, but, the majority of the individuals and companies that work in the supplement industry genuinely care about health and wellness and want to provide you with healthy products that really do benefit your mind and body.  I know a lot of honest companies as I have been in supplement business for over eight years now. Furthermore, I do not feel that GNC, Target, Walgreens should be excluded from this group of  honest supplement retailers and I have always known these companies to sell quality products despite what these warning letters claim.

So let’s stop discussing everyone else and let’s talk about a company that I do know well, Body360 Nutritionals.  From the very beginning (2006), even when we were a one sku company, Body360 prided ourselves on being a company that was honest, a company that manufactures products with superior formulation that includes the highest quality ingredients available.  We’ve always had relationships with several of the leading neutriceutical manufacturers stateside that are a fully compliant GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing and packaging facilities. They are duly licensed and are regularly inspected by State and Federal health authorities.

We, as a formulator and distributor of our own custom blended formulations and premium supplements are held to a standard of regulatory compliance and full nutrition and supplement label review which ensure accuracy before we even blend our raw materials, both during and after packaging and before shipping.

Quality Control/Analytical Development Department

Body360 Nutritionals ongoing commitment to superior quality is backed up by rigorous analysis of our products by the following testing practices.  This department performs testing and inspection pertaining to the approval and release of all incoming raw materials and finished products.  Upon receipt and before blending each raw material of any of our premium formulas they are tested for product purity. Each and every raw material ingredient received goes into quarantine where we utilize an infrared system that detects what can be compared to “a finger print” to assure the material is to exact specifications.  This is often referred to as DNA barcoding.

Analysis and Testing Equipment

Chemical Analysis  – High technology laboratory equipment is used to scientifically test our high quality premium formulations using the latest industry standards and capabilities which include. This process is used to guarantee label claims for ingredient and product purity and potency.

Equipment Used: 

  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) and Near Infrared (N-IR) Spectrometers —This equipment is used to determine positive identification fingerprinting or DNA Barcoding of incoming raw materials.
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) — Chromatography is used to complete accurate quantitative analysis of vitamins, amino acids and botanical actives.
  • Perkin-Elmer Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer (ICP) — This spectrometer is used to precisely analyze  nutrient minerals and heavy metals.
  • Beckman UV/Visible Spectrometer — This spectrometer is used to measure light absorption for quantitative analysis

Physical Analysis – The process of visual and physical analysis guarantees consistency and uniformity of each and every ingredient.

  • Particle size of custom blended formulations is analyzed and determined under high-tech physical testing equipment.

Stablility Analysis – This process is used to guarantee shelf life of product formulations.

  • Humidified and non-humidified chambers are used to perform accelerated shelf-stability testing .

Body360 Nutritionals premium nutrition products include a variety of the best whey protein, vegan protein, plant protein, nutritional protein powders and protein supplementsnitric oxide supplements and pre workout supplements,  and top fat burner formulations.

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Christian Graham, NSCA-CPT, KB is a certified fitness and wellness expert with 17 years of industry experience. He is the CEO of Body360 Nutritionals – Premium Nutrition Products For Health and Performance. Body360 Nutritionals, Inc., West Hollywood, CA

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