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Readers of this awesome blog know that not only are we here at Body360 helping you turn yourself into the healthiest—and buffest—possible you, we also aim to educate about how what you consume and the vitamins you use in your diet contribute to your overall picture of health and wellness both in the gym and in your daily life. This includes even going down to the cellular level.

So today we’re going to discuss glutamine and why they are so great for you. In brief, glutamine is one of the many amino acids that the body uses to bind together to form proteins, which are themselves the bricks that together form muscle tissues, according to WebMD. Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the human body, is distributed by the bloodstream to the organs that need it for its supply.

Accordingly, WebMD states that glutamine assists in the body’s immune system response as well as other natural body processes, particularly during stressful situations and flight-or-fight responses. Glutamine plays a vital role during such circumstances by providing nitrogen and carbon to the body’s cells. This nutrition stream also helps the body to repair itself from wounds. Such recovery allows for the cells of the body to come back stronger and more effective than before.

Furthermore, glutamine is especially helpful in counteracting muscle wasting, which particularly affects those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Thus, WebMD says that ingesting glutamine products can further help out the decreased immune response that is endemic to that disease. Chemotherapy can also decrease immune response, for which, again, glutamine comes to the rescue.

Translation: Glutamine makes you stronger, kids! Furthermore, we’ve got you covered here at Body360 by incorporating this rather important ingredient into our magic elixirs that we are proud to offer you as a way to get the most out of your diet and exercise plan.

Enter: Body 360’s Protein Shake – BodyOne Whey-Plex360. Our patented protein supplement not only tastes great and gives you a protein-tastic dietary boost, but if also contains L- glutamine and glutamine peptides, which, as you’ve learned here today, are vital not only for building healthier and stronger muscle tissue at the cellular level but also aiding in their recovery post-workout, making them—and you!—that much tougher. Furthermore, our BodyOne Whey-Plex360 formula helps restore positive nitrogen balance and comes in five differently delicious taste flavors to help the protein muscle medicine go down. Furthermore, we naturally flavor our glutamine-rich shakes with stevia for a sweet treat. (We don’t kid around here, unlike those other companies that force you to chug a disgusting-tasting goo that won’t do for your bod what we at Body360 do!)

So for a great-tasting body shake that not only will help bulk up in the gym but also give you that extra added boost at the cellular level, you really can’t go wrong with our Protein Shake — BodyOne-Whey-Plex360, which not only gives your l-glutamine and glutamine peptide count a huge boost, but also works at the microscopic level to reconstruct you from that scrawny kid the bullies made fun of on the playground to the inner Adonis just waiting to bust out like the Hulk!

Try it and see for yourself. Learn More By CLICKING HERE!

BodyOne Whey-Plex360 – Delicious Chocolate  Cream Milkshake

BodyOne Whey-Plex360 – Delicious Chocolate Cream Milkshake


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