Burn360 Fat Burner with Acai and Trans Resveratrol Reviewed

I recently bought the thermogenic from Body360 nutritionals: Burn360. I have taken many fat-burners (the affectionate term for thermo) in the past; and they, as with all sports supplements, were hit-or-miss. Looking at the ingredient list, I was not surprised to see the usual culprits: caffeine, raspberry ketones, green tea. But the new ones: Beta PEA and n-methyl-tyramine intrigued me. I was also very happy to see the antioxidant age-reversal blend added next: starting with “every berry known to man”, which can help with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and age-defying areas of fitness and health.  The blend also contains: the leaders in age-reversal and antioxidants: trans-reservatrol and grape seed. Excited to see these added in with Bioperine, a necessity for anything non-liquid.

I became skeptical when I saw this good looking blend was in a tablet and not a capsule. Most thermos are capsule form to help assimilate easier. And I was worried I wouldn’t break this down so simply in my system and my dollars would be lost. But, lo and behold, this little number worked very well. I experienced a strong sense of energy and vitality, nothing jittery nor strong. Just a little pick-me-up once it digested. I suppose the amount of whole foods used to make this (i.e. berries) needed the tablet form, and the thermo ingredients still had no issue working their tails off.

I take thermogenics to boost or give a swift kickstart to a diet that I’m on: a way to keep my metabolism running, or to add a few more benefits to my choice of lean meat, veggies and the carb carousel. The abilities to lean out on Burn360 are on par with some of the better thermogenics that I’ve taken, although it didn’t necessarily shine on this end. Where it did shine was in the antioxidant blend. My joint pain went down, my skin became softer, my face became less lined, my body felt more useable. While I was on this product I felt more vigorous than usual. I noticed a great decline in this feeling in the 2-3 days after finishing the bottle. A feeling that I still miss and will be looking forward to the next time I take Burn360.

The bottom line on this product is that although it will do that job of any run of the mill fatburner, it is a lot more than that. It brings a vitality, a natural energy and glow to your everyday with it. The added bonus of softer skin and inflammation decrease doesn’t hurt either. It brings on a sense of well being. Something I think any fitness enthusiast would love, especially those struggling through a diet; the refreshing feeling of Burn360 adds to it’s appeal.


Eric Sarra: NPC Physique competitor, father, and lover of all things health and wellness. I have recently returned to my hometown of Clearwater, FL after getting a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a double minor in History and Theatre Arts from Stonehill College in Easton, MA. Currently, I am working as an Assistant Manager at The Vitamin Shoppe, as well as a Personal Trainer at my home gym of Anytime Fitness. To further my education in both jobs, I will soon be taking my certification test to become a Nutritional Coach. I am a competitive Physique athelete for Team GIAFit, coached by Jason Giardino, and will be competing in the 2015 Europa Sports Festival in Orlando.

Body360 Nutritionals | Eric Sarra

Eric Sarra:  NPC Competitor | Father | Fitness Enthusiast

Author: body360

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