Carb Cycling Part 1

Today I’m going to touch on the topic of carb cycling while contest prepping.  Before we go any further, I would like to add that I know the best and most suitable macros for myself. If you do not know yours, I would highly recommend calculating them for optimizing the results of any diet.  With that being said, my current macronutrients are 2350 calories per day. 235 grams of both protein and carb and my fats are 51 grams.

On Monday, my macronutrients do not change, but, as we move on to Tuesday, I drop my carbs by 50g. So my carbs are at 185g for the day.  On Wednesday, my carbs are dropped by an additional 50g. So for the day of Wednesday, my carbs are 135g. I keep dropping my carbs daily by 50, until I’m right at 50 or below.

Following my day of 50g of carbs or below, I have what most know as a re-feed day. This is to simply add 100% to your daily carb intake (doubling). So for example, if my average daily carb intake is 235 grams, I want to add an additional 235 grams. So on my re-feed day, I take in 470-500g of carbs.

I know this can be a bit confusing, but, the point of carb cycling, is to simply deplete your body of carbs, so that when you do take part in resistance and cardiovascular training, your body has to rely on your daily fat intake for energy.  Therefore, your body is in a constant fat burning state. Also, during the state of carb depletion, when you introduce those carbs back into your body, your body then acts like a sponge. It grabs ahold of these carbs, your body will swell slightly and you will appear to be even more vascular. Carb cycling is also an easier way to drop any excess water, and lingering body fat.  I need to note that when having a re-feed day, you need to drop both your fats and proteins. I drop my fats by 20 grams and my proteins by 60-80 grams. This is just so the body can absorb and digest the higher intake of carbohydrates. The following day after your re-feed, you should start back at your beginning macronutrient requirements at the beginning of the week.

Be cautious when carb cycling because there are some adverse side effects. The lower carb days tend to be somewhat lethargic. Energy levels will be a lot lower than what you’re accustomed to. So stay adequately hydrated through the whole carb cycling process.

I hope this helps anyone looking for a change to their daily diet/contest prep routine. I know from personal experience, that this truly helped shed stubborn body fat!


About Team360’s Spencer Fields

Spencer Fields is a Team360 Fitness and Wellness Coach for Body360 Nutritionals, He is 25 years old,  5’11, 160lbs and is from the great State of Kentucky. Having moved around alot as a young man, the one consistent thing in his life, besides his amazing mother, has been the gym. He’s always been a fitness enthusiast. He is now studying to be a personal trainer and will start completing is shows next year. Fitness has become his passion in life and its exactly where he wants it to be. He wants to spread the word, motivate and inspire others about how amazing the fitness lifestyle is!

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