Christian Graham’s Corner: Tried and True Fitness and Wellness Tips # 33 – ElevATP™

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Nutritional Supplement Ingredient Profile – ElevATP™

Do your pre workout supplements have ingredients that potentiate the synthase of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)?  Have you ever even heard of the term “ATP” before?  Maybe you have, but you were not quite sure what it meant, is, or otherwise.  According to the National Institutes of Health,  ATP provides your body with the energy it needs for many metabolic processes, including making RNA.  As we age, our bodies produce less ATP, which affects tissue function and quickens the aging process.  Unfortunately, we can not ingest ATP in ATP form.  Our bodies need to manufacture it. This is where ElevATP™ (proprietary ancient peat/apple extract formulation) comes in handy.  Proven to increase ATP by 64% in clinical trials this ingredient is a no brainer to look out for and include in any of the pre workout supplements you choose.

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ElevATP™ Benefits

  • Supports healthy ATP levels
  • Increases ATP naturally
  • Healthy mitochondrial energy
  • Increases energy naturally
  • Excellent supplement for cyclists, marathoners
  • Excellent supplement for endurance and performance athletes

Body360’s Endure360 2.0 endurance and performance product contains the recommended clinical dose (150mg) of elevATP™ which has been proven to increase ATP by 64% in clinical trials.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Christian Graham, NSCA-CPT, KB is a certified fitness and wellness expert with 17 years of industry experience. He is the CEO of Body360 NutritionalsBody360 Nutritionals, Inc., West Hollywood, CA

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elevATP™ is a trademark of Futureceuticals, Inc. used under license. Patents Pending.

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