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One of the most important things about maintaining a training regimen is eating right. All of your effort at the gym will not give you maximum results if you do not eat well. However you can still enjoy yourself when you go out for a meal. Let’s use going to dinner as an example to gain some insight. Its date night and you’re out to eat. You know that you are going to stay away from the burgers and fries, but a salad with chicken and dressing on the side is just not going to satisfy your cravings. You need to think about your regular diet and what you’re trying to achieve with your physique while still having a great meal! If you’re bulking up, get a semi-lean steak and a plain baked potato (not loaded) or a sweet potato if they have it, and get a side of veggies to help fill your belly. If you’re keeping it lean, swap that steak for chicken breast or fish and stick with the steamed green veggies. Most restaurants will accommodate your dietary needs.  Carbs won’t kill you, so go for the potato, but just have half. And enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. You worked hard this week. You deserve it. Plus wine is a diuretic and contains resveratrol, a heart healthy antioxidant. Get your meats grilled and spiced up any way you like, but stay away from the sauces or other unnecessary accouterments. Remember, you can still enjoy a delicious meal while keeping your eyes on the prize!

About Team 360’s Ted Kelliher

Ted Kelliher is a former MA native who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Since his teenage years he became passionately involved in music and bodybuilding. Both of which were positive influences on his move to LA in his mid 20’s. To fit his busy life style, he can only afford to work out 3 days a week during the off season, much less than any competitive body builder would recommend, but he makes it work to his advantage. When it is time to dial in his physique for competition, he does what he can with the little time he has by squeezing in 5 gym sessions a week at most if he is lucky. Constantly tweaking his diet and exercise program to make ends meet, Kelliher does his best to stay on top.

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