Endure360’s 12-TR –Timed Release Nutrient Delivery System

When you’re working out and rebuilding your body post-workout, it’s key that you receive the nutrients and building blocks you need to craft a better you. That’s why supplementing your workout regimen is so important. But as equally important to the type of supplements you consume is how these ingredients are delivered.  That’s where we at Body360 come in. Our research and development team designed a unique and patented Timed Release Nutrient Delivery System12-TR – Timed Release, which is exactly what it sounds like: a way to release nutrients from our products into your body prior to your ever stepping foot in the gym, onto your bike, while your working out and thereafter. This carefully researched, designed and clinically tested system uses a scientifically processed blend of natural fibers to release the nutrients you need for athletic performance and endurance, strength and that ever addicting “muscle pump” we all desire. 

Our Timed Release Nutrient Delivery System (12-TR) helps to effectively deliver the nutrients that expands your blood vessels, which allows your body to carry more blood during your workout. Furthermore, the system helps to slowly release more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) into your circulation as you work out and throughout the day helping to support healthy ATP levels. According to WebMD, ATP is used in supplemental form to increase energy and physical stamina and also in cardiac stress tests. In more serious cases, ATP is used to treat such problems as high blood pressure, kidney failure and hypertension, but hopefully you won’t have to deal with any of that unpleasantness for years to come.

Our timed delivery system also helps you work out by slowly releasing nitric oxide/ATP potentiating synthases into your bloodstream over a twelve hour period.  What this means is that your “ready to go” when the bells rings. According to WebMD, nitric oxide causes blood vessels to expand, thus allowing for greater blood flow throughout the body which is also key for muscle fullness, hardness and pumps.  The more blood that flows through your body’s highway system, the more is available to your muscles during your workouts, which thus makes for maximal “pumpage” as you tell those weights who’s boss!  

Body360’s Endure360 2.0 includes this scientifically proven delivery method 12-TR in its latest formula. By powering up with Endure60 2.0 before even getting your workout clothes on, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a timed release system that 12-TR offers as part of our magic health potion. As with any workout program, diet and exercise are as important—if not more so—than any supplements, but adding Endure360 2.0 to your regimen will get you on your way performing at the highest levels to get that bod you want in no time.

Endure360 2.0’s Nitrosigine ingredient has been proven in clinical trials to increase nitric oxide.  12-TR helps to effectively deliver this ingredient. Nitrosigine® (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate) is registered trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC.

ElevATP™ have been clinically proven to increase ATP by 64% in clinical trials.  12-TR helps to effectively deliver this ingredient. ElevATP™ is a trademark of Futureceuticals, Inc. used under license. Patents Pending.

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