Hollywood’s Weight Loss Solution. Body One Lean All Natural Meal Replacement Shake

It is no surprise that Body One – lean all natural meal reaplacement shakes has taken this town by storm. Local West Hollywood all natural supplement Company Body 360 Nutritionals and Top L.A. fitness trainer Christian Graham have formulated the best tasting all natural weight loss/meal replacement shake to date.

Why It Works:  Body One-Lean is a proprietary formula that contains 30 grams of the finest whey protein blend, is fortified with 25 essential vitamins, minerals and BCAA’s, is high in fiber, rich in antioxidants, and contains natural fat burners; flax, carnitine, and MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides).  Body One-Lean was developed and designed  to increase metabloic rate, shed unwanted pounds, and increase energy, performance and post workout recovery.

Who Is Using Body One – Lean:  Top Los Angeles fitness trainers and yoga instructors that are the “go to” fitness gurus for toning and shaping Hollywood’s hottest bodies and biggest celebrities.

Whay they are saying about Body One-Lean: “I have tried many protein shakes in my years as a fitness and yoga professional, but Body One-Lean is the best and also the product I recommend to my clients.  It tastes great and gives me all the nutrients I need without the chemicals and chalky aftertaste that so many inferior products have.  I can drink these everyday.” – Scott Victor Nelson, Yoga and Fitness Professional, L.A., C.A.

Find out why Body One-Lean is the hottest selling meal replacement/weight loss program in Hollywood.

The Hollywood Weight Loss Solution Body One-Lean is avalaible at Powerzone, West Hollywood and online at body360nutritionals.com

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