Nitrosigine® – Bonded Arginine Silicate. Arginine At Its Best.

Move over Arginine HCL.  Now there is something that will make you stronger – Nitrosigine® Bonded Arginine Silicate. In the world of boosting the body’s oxygen intake and usage, one of the newest players on the block is Nitrosigine®. As you well know from reading this blog, nitric oxide is a key element in increasing the flow of blood to your muscles while you work out. According to, Nitrosigine®  works this magic by relaxing the body’s smooth muscles and increasing blood levels of arginine and silicone levels. 

As you know from reading us, many of the nutrients needed for maintaining muscular and dietary health are not naturally made by the body and thus must come in supplementary form. This is also true of silicon, which can boost the body’s arterial walls, which in turn increases the body’s blood flow supply. maintains that when arginine and silicate are bonded together, the combined effects spell greater maximum output for the body as you work out.  Nitrosigine® has been approved by the FDA for use in supplemental form. According to Nutrition 21, Nitrosigine® nearly doubled maximum blood flow compared to other supplements like Arginine HCL in a controlled study. Their study went on to say that enhanced blood flow during and following exercise can increase muscle growth and recovery from intense exercise. More oxygen flow to blood gives you more endurance as you work out, which makes your workouts both longer and more intense. 

At Body360, we believe strongly in upping your endurance and performance capabilities with the maximal dose of blood flow and oxygen to your muscles while you pump the iron, conquer outdoor terrain and sweat off those post-holiday pounds away (yeah, it happened to us too!). Toward that end, Body360’s Endure60 2.0 includes Nitrosigine® as an ingredient in our latest and greatest physical performance recipe. Endure360 2.0™ features Nitrosigine®  in its purest form to give your workout that extra “oomph” you need while rocking the weights at the gym but also to aid your muscle fibers in post-workout recovery. Because more blood flow means your muscles work out harder.   Adding Nitrosigine® through Body360’s proprietary mixes ultimately makes for a stronger you.

Can you Endure? Endure360 2.0 Advanced Nitric Oxide for muscular endurance and performance.

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