Overnight Oats with Greek Yogurt

I enjoyed my Overnight Oats so much yesterday that I decided to try it with Greek Yogurt for today.  I found that I still needed to use the same amount of liquid, 1 cup of preferred liquid to a ½ c. of oats and that the ½ c. yogurt was an additional ingredient and not a substitute for part of the liquid.  Makes perfect sense to me now!  Also, I used unsweetened fat-free yogurt and the finished product was quite tart.  All of the ingredients were the same as my previous recipe, but there was a big difference in the taste.  I think it definitely needs some honey or Stevia to make it palatable for me.  Perhaps, using a sweetened, flavored yogurt would do the trick, but I am not accustomed to using it.

So, readers, continue onward and keep experimenting with your version of Overnight Oats.  They are definitely something to be considered in this time of constant hustle and bustle and with a little persistence you will come up with the perfect combination of ingredients to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Whatever you do, simply enjoy and don’t forget to BodyCrunch today!

Author: body360

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