Team Body360’s Athlete of the Month, May 2015 – Jeremy Vaughn

Congratulations to Jeremy Vaughn of Burlington, NC for becoming Body360’s Athlete of the Month – May, 2015. Jeremy suffered a devastating knee injury which prohibited him from working out and participating in baseball.  We applaud Jeremy’s commitment to his knee rehabilitation and health goals.  Welcome to Team360!

Jeremy Vaughn

Age: 23

Location: Burlington, NC

Favorite Workout: Squats and Barbell Bench Press

Favorite Recipe: Lemon Pepper and Garlic Salt Chicken with plain white rice

Favorite Cheat Meal: 1/2 pound Cheeseburger with Fries

Favorite Body360 Product: Endure360 2.0 Advanced Nitric Oxide/ATP Booster

Personal Best: Squat Max – 405lb – 14 Months after ACL and Meniscus Reconstruction

Testimonial: I’ve used Body360 Products while returning from a devastating knee surgery. The Endure360 Nitric Oxide mixed with the Anabolic Blast Preworkout gave me a pump like I’ve never seen before. I was able to push harder and longer to rebuild my injured kneed to what is now a body that is stronger and better than ever

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