Top Fat Burner: Burn360 with Acai and Trans Resveratrol

It’s time to target that stubborn body fat with our amazing stomach fat-burner product!  Burn360 is a top fat burner, fat-melting product that offers a new way to shed away those pesky stomach pounds.  Get lean and get fit with Burn360 now thanks to our hyper-release delivery technology!

Burn360’s Fat Burner with Acai and Trans Resveratrol contains a powerful formula featuring a unique thermogenic and metabolism-enhancement complex. Our proprietary formula targets unwanted adipose (fat) tissue at the cellular level, basically trimming your body of unwanted subcutaneous and visceral body fat stores by potentiating thermogenesis and lipolysis.  In other words, you ingest the stuff and it starts working on your body at the microscopic level to make you thinner!

According to the, thermogenesis is a process wherein your body’s temperature increases in a similar fashion to how it does naturally during exercise.  Burn360’s initiates this same process with the thermogenic ingredient profile of our top fat burner product.  In addition, the natural ingredients in our fat burner help this process and increase your weight-loss potential.  Thermogenic ingredients in our fat burner include green tea leaf extract, caffeine, raspberry ketones, Capsimax (capsicum fruit extract), N-methyltyramine and Bioperine (black pepper extract).

What makes our stomach fat burner even more efficient is the inclusion of high-ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) antioxidants.  Free radicals are nasty little things that hang around in your bloodstream causing cellular damage.  The natural antioxidants in our product contain an anti-aging profile that both boosts your energy and keeps you healthy and feeling spry as you work out and in the course of your day, all while neutralizing those pesky free radicals.  In fact, our Antioxidant Metabolism Enhancement Blend contains an incredibly powerful punch that includes acai fruit, grapeseed and skin extract, wild blueberry extract, cranberry juice concentrate, raspberry extract, strawberry concentrate, Morello cherry concentrate, wild whole bilberry extract and Polygonum cuspidatum root extract (50%).

Combine your workout and diet regimen with Burn360’s top fat burner ingredients and you will be on your way!  With a stomach fat burner unlike any other out there on the market, you will be shedding those pesky pounds, tuning up your body and feeling great in no time!

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